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  1. I love the wdtinc map as well (these are the same guys that make Radar Scope Pro), lost it too, but I found a currently working link for it now: http://content.wdtinc.com/imap/imaplite/ This one is pretty cool too, lots of background maps to chose from (the solid black is my favorite), several layer options including IR and VIS satellite loops, point and click NWS forcast as well and it can also go to full screen: https://www.eldoradoweather.com/current/misc/google-maps-radar/us-mosiac-radar.html WU went downhill fast after IBM bought TWC... Actually in one fatal swoop, never has recovered to what it was. I remember the option for the radar gave you 5 tilts to choose from and the models displays were better then (and worked)... but that is in the past now... Hope the links help... -WxBob