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  1. I disagree I think nyc and east is in the good dynamics if you take the gfs solution. The gfs FV3 is a string out mess for Saturday resulting a mix Sunday night. Obviously we have no consensus for neither storms yet
  2. It is 3-5 considering the strength of the low and the poor gfs thermals, you got 6 hours of heavy snow in around the city
  3. Gfs is actually a nice snow event for the city for Saturday looks to be a good 3-5 inches. edit: snowgoose said this and it seems like he’s right saturdays storm needs to be very strong and dynamic for the Sunday night event to be weak and a good snowstorm. And gfs is south for Sunday night which looks good haven’t seen the next panel but so far so good
  4. I don’t like saturdays event because the true cold air kinda gets stale. I like Sunday nights event more. Icon is a perfect example how we can get a real nice snowstorm.
  5. That’s the best look yet. But it’s too bad it’s icon. It’s not the worst though in my opinion. Navgem is
  6. So did the eps move southeast or stayed the same?
  7. Im not that person, I just figured we’d discuss each threat in its own thread. The moderators can delete them if they want but I noticed too many times we post stuff on the monthly thread and we miss important stuff with banter. This way we can discuss everything on its own. I didn’t do anything wrong here did I? If I did I’ll delete the threads sorry about the inconvenience.
  8. Guys I made the threads for these two upcoming storms
  9. Canadian is a bit warmer and more closer to the coast changes nyc to rain
  10. Euro is the best model but it has been caving to the gfs lately
  11. The stronger Saturday’s event the more south Sunday nights event will go. So I think you’ll see the models catch on to that idea imo
  12. Ukmet looks like the rest of tonight models runs. Don’t have the soundings but it does look good. Benchmark or slightly inside
  13. Last run was better and colder but I’d take this run and sprint
  14. Saturday could be good way better but the lifting is not being recognized by the models too much. Icon had a decent event there almost.
  15. Icon looks a bit worse for monday but has some more snow for Saturday than it’s previous run. 1-3 for Saturday and another 3-6 for monday. Friday also has an inch.
  16. The radar should blossom the next few hours in the area according to some models. The short range models are terrible right now and show no snow at all. We are definitely running saturated we just need that precipitation. We could get maybe 3 hours of some decent growth snow. It could be a half inch or sO, more to the north. 24 degrees outside with 60% humidity. We need that precip that’s in northwest Pennsylvania to clip us which should be around 1am or so.