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  1. Cause the low doesn’t go over us and as the low cruises to our southeast the PV is pressing down.
  2. I just don’t think we change to rain I think this just ends as some light sleet maybe a shower as it pulls out. 3k nam crushes us and keeps it cold and snowy.
  3. Navgem went southeast and is a coastal snowstorm and a lot of precipitation. A setup like this could gives us 6-10 inches of snow Sunday evening to Monday morning
  4. All snow heavy snow for our area no rain. Fwiw jma is southeast
  5. FWIW the JMA moved the cyclone southeast compared to the last 12z run.
  6. We can get our 4-8 out of this if it’s stays all snow. This is fun
  7. Euro is wrong here every model has a snowstorm for us except the euro
  8. I know another storm next week lol
  9. Fair enough. I hope we get a surprise tomorrow. I was definitely surprised this morning with the inch and half of fluff. My wife is a teacher and she got to work at 9am there was traffic everywhere today. People don’t understand they need to slow down it’s snowing outside. Than they get into an accident and you drive by them and you know what they’re thinking. by the way I don’t think the euro is as good as it used to be. What happened to that model?