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  1. Still coming down pretty heavy here. I haven't gotten out to measure but I'd say about an inch so far. I'm sure ground temps are causing some melting, but the rate is enough to keep a measurable amount.
  2. Wow - so I woke up at 10 a.m. to 33° and heavy snow in Russellville, AR and still snowing. I think most of the mets online are as shocked as I am.
  3. Anyone buying that SE jog of the L between 20-33 of the HRRR? It leaves NE AR in the dust without a flake.
  4. Sadly, sometimes, yes. But mostly when shallow cold fronts arrive from the west/northwest. The cold air typically gets locked up in the mountains and funnels its way around them. If cold winds are out of the east though it plows right across the flat lands and down the river and cools us quicker.
  5. WOW! thats crazy. I keep looking at radar hoping it will inch northward - pretty sure Russellville is done for the day though.
  6. Yeah I'm super jealous at south central Arkansas right now lol if you can, you should go to iDrive Arkansas website and take a look at the traffic cam in Pine Bluff right now. Visibility is down to a quarter mile.
  7. interesting mesoscale read on SPC - can only hope this continues over into Arkansas
  8. Ignore my previous post. lol looks like the kuchera ratio was actually closer to actual amounts here. I took a measurement in a bad location in my back yard. I just went out to get a more accurate reading and showing 7" - others in the Russellville area are showing 7 and its still snowing.
  9. Probably so. Thats how a majority of the snow has been here. There were a couple bursts of the larger flakes here and there but man, if it only could have been all like that lol Maybe Wednesday-Thursday *fingers crossed*
  10. idk about everyone else, but here in Russellville, AR the 10:1 ratio on the NAM actually turned out to be more accurate than the kuchera ratio. Yesterday the NAM was showing 4.8" on the 18z and 5.1" on the 00z - currently we are sitting at about 4.25" and still coming down.
  11. NWS-LR just updated snow totals - I'm not mad at it. latest NAM run is giving me more hope for the Russellville area. Sitting at a good dusting right now.
  12. Man, I'm hating the trend for my neck of the woods.
  13. NWSLR posted their thoughts on snow totals for the first storm..
  14. Man, I really hope so! I haven't seen a good snow here since Christmas 2012.
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