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  1. I can confirm it was below freezing this morning on Fort Drum. Our smoke alarms are very temperature sensitive and when the furnace kicked on for the first time it set off all the alarms. So when my kids and I were outside at about 5 am, everything had a lovely coating of frost which I would have appreciated much more if I wasn’t in pajamas.
  2. This is incredible to me. There was even thunder when I was outside playing with the kids. I’ve never experienced that before and it was amazing.
  3. Snow is trying to accumulate on the grass and roof tops up here.
  4. One system gave us 8 inches of snow but we didn’t have the blower yet. That was actually the storm that convinced us to buy one. Since then nothing of note, at least on Drum. I think Watertown has been luckier.
  5. Yay! I was hoping it would but I didn’t really know what I was looking at. I was reading the kbuf discussion this morning and it is making me excited. I might get to use the new snow blower.
  6. I’m not, but my husband is and that’s exactly what happened. We spent a few years at Fort Hood prior to Campbell so it’s been a LONG time without winter. We are from Colorado though so we aren’t a stranger to it. I didn’t really start being interested in weather until the December 2015 tornado outbreak in the south. I’m glad I get to expand my horizons beyond severe weather.
  7. Hello, I thought I should sorta say hi before I started to post randomly. I just moved up to Fort Drum from the far southern Kentucky area so while I know a far amount about severe thunderstorm forecasting and lingo I feel a tad bit lost when reading about snow. But basically I’m just happy to see any appreciable winter weather. After 7 years I’m already in heaven. I’m looking forward to learning.