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  1. Thanks for the follow up. Appreciate it!! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  2. So, very sorry to revive a super old thread. But I am currently looking to buy a new station after having used the Davis vantage Vue in the past. I liked the 2 second wind updates for capturing actual speeds. However my new house isn't in a great area topographically to accurately measure high gusts I think. Is the 18 second update speed on these acurite stations an average of the 18 seconds or will it actually give you the highest say 1 or 2 second instantenous gust it measured in that time? I'm just not sure I can justify the extra cash for the Davis plus it's insanely expensive PC connect. Seems like the reviews on these 5-1 systems are decent...thanks in advance for any feedback. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  3. I think it is an in-house thing. Just some guidance on pavement temperature response to atmospheric conditions.
  4. Maybe so, but roads temps are mostly in the 40s as of an hour or two ago and I doubt temps in the mid 30s are changing that quickly.
  5. Oh yeah...I'm sure the one HRRR run that blasts us at some point today will get re-tweeted LOL Obviously the situation bears watching for last minute changes, but I am not super worried at this point. Don't know if you saw but ILN referenced the road METRO model which actually is predicting road surfaces to stay above freezing the whole time.
  6. Yes definitely a trend down in QPF. Heck, Euro has barely anything. Also, looks like temps down here by the river may struggle to even dip below freezing. ILN also referenced the METRo road model which doesn't show road temps dipping below freezing. I still think the advisory is a good call to be safe but it really is not looking bad down here. Farther north towards I-70 still looks good for a light glaze.
  7. Seems like the trend for Cincy area is that this will not be a big deal. Temps may struggle to actually dip below freezing and amounts of precip are in question (Euro has almost nothing). I would agree keeping the frz rain advisory though as any light showers could cause some slick spots but this is looking like a far cry from what it seemed 2-3 days ago.
  8. Well once again we are closing in on a winter event in the Ohio area and have poor model agreement...Guess we should be used to that by now....Kinda leaning towards the drier Euro at this point. I would not go full boar on the non-event it depicts here but I think the NAM/GFS could be too wet. Interesting to note that the SREF plumes are also lower coming in around ~0.10" of QPF for frz rain at CVG. I think that is a good compromise actually for the time being. Will take that over 1/2"+ any day.
  9. In 2007 we had 0.75 to 0.80" of ice in Cincinnati and that was awful. Relatively widespread tree damage (although not as bad as some I've seen pics of out in OK/MO before). Honestly, if I never saw it again, I would not be upset. Hearing trees crack around you continuously and wondering if you'll keep power at 10-20 degrees is no fun. Then you throw in some wind and amplifies everything! lol We also had about 0.50" in 2009 as part of a snow/ice sandwich. Definitely glad that right now it appears the heaviest precip will fall as liquid down here in Cincy with only brief ZR.
  10. Went out to an unexpected thin layer of pixie dust on my car this morning...Interesting. Definitely watching this weekend closely. As of now, appears that any icing down here in Cincy would be short lived and washed away by rain pretty quickly. However, this setup has the potential to be very nasty for someone in our area. I would say folks northwest of Cincy (MO/IL/IN) stand the best shot at major ice but we are still in the game. And that is not a game I want to be in....
  11. At least we might get a little fluffy snow on Thursday. Should be decent ratio (at least 15:1). Euro and CMC more onto it than the GFS or NAM. Neither even really show it until a hint of it on their 18z runs today. Perhaps the 0z runs tonight will start to catch it. 12z Euro has 0.06" at CVG which may be good for an inch of snow. Best we can do with this pattern it seems lol We will have to watch Thursday to see if a bit more moisture gets involved last second...
  12. Nobody commenting on the 0z GFS? It's para doesn't agree so maybe a chance we get less tease runs when the new one is put in operation? lol
  13. Congrats to the CMH folks. Got about 1/2" left (more this morning but then melted with sleet/rain). Had some fairly heavy snow falling at times this afternoon though. That was my biggest surprise...figured we would finish out mostly rain. Every single branch of the trees is covered though so it looks very lovely out there. Now on the arctic chiller!
  14. Marginal risk for Cincy/Cbus tmrw afternoon. As usual it all depends on instability. NAM bufkit looks good enough for isolated wind/tornado threat. Hodograph and low level shear look excellent but only 300-400 k/kg of CAPE. And to be honest, the NAM usually is too high on CAPE. So I wouldn't go to crazy with the threat, but I agree with the SPC marginal risk due to magnitude of shear and potential for at least a minor amount of instability. We just saw 5 tornadoes in Dayton last week with high shear / low CAPE. Not saying I expect that again, but it's an example of the isolated type things that can happen with these systems.
  15. Impressive looking snow down here in Cincy. But it's above freezng so only sticking to grass/elevated surfaces and I'm sure it will melt once the precip rate backs off.