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    11/15-11/16 Coastal Storm Observation Thread

    Hi all, Figured id start of my first post here, hopefully thats ok, as I just got into work. ( I work across the street from KISP) I've been a weather enthusiast most of my life and fascinated as most of you are by extreme events. As I get older I find it even more interesting that as technology gets more advanced for weather forecasting somehow mother nature still manages to pull tricks. Even though there was some models that picked up this potential early, its still hard to believe what kind of outcome we actually had from it. This was one of the most impactful storms ive seen in a while. about 2 hours from ISP back to patchogue in some horrific road conditions and I have a well equipped 4wd vehicle. at about 9pm last night there was about 4.5 inches of ice/slush/snow on my deck in Patchogue with a mix coming down Currently breezy rainy and raw over at ISP