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  1. You’re right let this play out. There is definitely a chance of a hurricane bigger than sandy to hit our area next week. Still too far out to know. If it trends north this will end up Irene track like. That would most likely be a cat 3 hitting New York
  2. I don’t understand why some people want a category 5 to hit the city! That would be catastrophic.
  3. Wow South Jersey and Delaware look like bullseye according to GFS 18z and euro. Very epic storm if that were to happen!
  4. No it isn’t it’s bad but not disastrous! It’s disastrous if you’re talking about south jersey and Delaware.
  5. Euro is a disaster for Delaware and south New Jersey not New York City. Our region gets into some swells and some rain but definitely not devastating or something to write about! Stop giving false information. Jeez! I would think you guys knew how to read a model run by now!
  6. I’m sorry but In no way in hell is New York metro including Long Island part of mid Atlantic. It’s just not! We have a way different climate here. It’s a different region. Simple as that!
  7. I don’t think Long Island is part of mid Atlantic. I consider philly and south part of mid Atlantic
  8. That solution would be a disaster for Long Island and our area and a major disaster for the Cape. mid Atlantic would not get it as bad! Stop putting misinformation. Big snowstorm potential for upstate New York and Vermont if that solution verifies!
  9. You guys seen the GFS 18z has a Category 5 hurricane east of Georgia at hour 210
  10. I’ve seen it before and that’s usually a big storm that temps just keep dropping as the low intensifies with already an arctic air mass in place.
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