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  1. 30 mins into precip and it’s all snow now near campus in Greenville, let’s see if that coastal throws more than expected back this way
  2. 18z NAM getting Eastern NC back in the game with a bomb
  3. Yeah yeah well aware, was out of town for the snow here a couple weeks ago so was hoping for something. Happy for the Wake Co. crowd
  4. This has been absolutely agonizing to watch for mby, coastal low eating all precip as it hits the western boundary of the county just for it to return on the eastern side...nothing in b/t
  5. Look at that precip hole for Pitt County
  6. I have lurked for about 6 months and this is my first post so if this is a dumb question that’s why. Why is the gradient so sharp in that 50-75 miles to my NNW is looking at 3-5” and Pitt County is looking like <1”? Thanks in advance, truly enjoy watching and learning from you guys.