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  1. Today looking like an active day, Indiana into Ohio looks to like going to light up like a Christmas tree
  2. Likely tornado moving towards Moulton
  3. Tornado Debris Sig is showing up on northern rotation
  4. I have to say the one snowmap where its less then an inch for most of the area is absurd at this point, an 2-4 inch snow is minimal at this point with potential for way more with NAM showing over an foot for most of Western PA. An winter storm watch should be out if the 18z run shows the same again
  5. Likely tornado ongoing right now South of Shreveport
  6. New Day 3 SPC outlook mentions strong tornadoes being possible but conditional
  7. The storm system next week looks interesting but we won't have a clue what we could get or not get by the night before the event. These March systems are hard to predict well
  8. Pittsburgh will be always known as the battleground for weather and nature
  9. Well the big nor easter on Thursday Night into Friday on the east coast could bring one big massive wind storm for our area
  10. These QLCS spin ups could be quite significant, there going to find damage from some of theses for sure
  11. Adairville, KY had a EF3 or something near that strength of the tornado go through town, Damage is pretty bad
  12. Likely tornado just northwest of Fort Smith Arkansas in Oklahoma, no warning on it, its an QLCS
  13. I'm already seeing some supercells mixed in there already, i think this is a good call
  14. Area to watch evening and overnight will be the OH River up as maybe localized severe threat to the SW PA, i expect it to be marginal but a few wind reports or a small tornado could be possible in OH,IN,PA overnight but highly conditional for sure
  15. Large cold season winter time set up at play Saturday into Sunday Morning as storms move northeast