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  1. Well i have video of driving in white conditions from lake effect snow from last year mid may, not the normal but my grandma always said never plant before memorial day weekend which I still go by
  2. I've learned that winter still has its share of surprises until we reach memorial day, for buffalo at least lol
  3. Well I always looked at global warming through this lens of "uh guys we are literally changing the earths atompshere with compounds that we can scientifically show their effect". Take humans out of the equation and it makes more sense. I just really hate how the science tends to get lost behind the politics with thing like global warming. We honestly can't look at just temp trends because of the tiny sample size so we have to look at other data try and separate the variance as much as possible
  4. in general people underestimate variance and one of the best things studying no limit holdem was teach me just how much variance you will experience and try to pick out flaws in your strategy vs the variance in outcomes. The sample size we see with winter events is pretty low which makes it insanely hard to try and separate any patterns
  5. the amount of bi-polar here is truly mind boggling when it comes to snow
  6. I don't really remember the last time it was this late into October and all the yards I cut are so dry it resembles more like august. Normally I'd be fighting the weather to get everyone cut for the week but some places I haven't cut since September since we just haven't had the rain+the total sunlight per day is shrinking fast.
  7. I got a slight drizzle in south cheektowaga with all the action staying to the west
  8. I have had the same thing happen to me. Since I cant sleep tonight I decided to bring some old towels with me tomorrow just so i have something to wipe my face with. Back on Tuesday I had this 3 acre lot that only gets cut every 4-6 weeks and had the wind blowing all the dirt/clippings right in my face going the one direction which made for a unbearable few hours.
  9. I think the worst thing for me is sweat running down into my eyes, today my hat was useless after the first hour lol.
  10. Doesn't sound that fun but it kind of goes with the whole living in the desert thing they have going on
  11. I do landscaping and lawn care and today was brutal. I took breaks during the day so I stayed hydrated and just a little while ago i went to throw my stuff in the wash and noticed my jeans had massive salt stains on them just from working 8am to 3:45. I don't really complain about the heat since are winters can last awhile but I'm sick of this heat and need a break.
  12. wouldn't surprise me if it beats 81 after this next heat wave
  13. with upwelling it makes it very difficult to reach those high of temps, At Rochester it's 57 right now(looking at NOAA)
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