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  1. Those maps are awesome. Thank you for sharing them .
  2. These storms from the northwest have been productive in Northeast Kansas .
  3. I would love too. CBS would have to commit to showing chiefs games instead of browns in Oklahoma first .
  4. The lrc indicates next best chance for us is early March. I’m not far enough into this hobby to even understand what all goes into this thought process .
  5. We lived in Owasso the last three years and south east kansas for 10 or so before that. I remember lots of snow especially in northern oklahoma before we moved down there. .
  6. There was lots of hype here in Topeka,models showing several inches. I think we will end with 3-4 and some wind. The last storm finally melted today almost completely. I still have hope for you guys down south, but based on what radar looks like not much. .
  7. Topeka is getting big heavy wet flakes. I will think happy thoughts for those south of here when I am shoveling my drive way tomorrow morning .
  8. Not that it matters on Tuesday but there is still a nice snowpack from Topeka to Omaha and Lincoln. Overcast and 35 does not support much melt. Good luck with snow in Tulsa from this long timer lurker! .
  9. mbkemp

    OK/AR/KS/MO 2017 Autumn Disco and OBS.

    It’s been a while. I had the opportunity in 95-96 to experience lake effect off Lake Ontario. I miss that kind of snow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. mbkemp

    OK/AR/KS/MO 2017 Autumn Disco and OBS.

    Hello from Owasso. Is it ever going to snow again? I just started following this board. I've always been interested, know next to nothing, but following to learn more Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk