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  1. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    No cold air to be found on this side of the planet. Better luck next winter I guess.
  2. Spring 2018 Discussion

    I’m seeing literally nothing that points to a cold March now. I feared earlier that it would be much worse, but even with a record -NAO block we’re still going to see temps slightly above average Can only imagine how warm the second half of the month could get once the -NAO/AO relaxes a bit. Initially I thought we were going to see a cold March but I’m really starting to have second thoughts on that now. I’m also starting to think most of us are done with winter (except for the far northern parts of the subforum). We quite literally don’t have a cold source anymore, so even if we do see cold shots they probably will bring only seasonably cool air (barely below average really).
  3. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    The cold air source is going to get annihilated in the coming weeks. Looks like my March 1960 redux call was a bit premature.
  4. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    looks like we could see a decent cold shot to begin the month followed by a nice warm-up afterwards.
  5. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Winter is a very depressing season... at least to me it is. I’m really looking forward to spring this year. can’t wait.
  6. Can’t wait for yet another awful March this year. CFS looks absolutely brutal. I’m not even asking for a Morch 2012 at this point, just some days in the 60s would be more than enough for me. Is that seriously too much to ask for???
  7. February 2018 Discussion

    crippling ice storm, can’t wait.
  8. February 2018 Discussion

    It’d be in the 60s right now if it weren’t for this deep snowpack
  9. February 2018 Discussion

    Just because Feb 2015 had a bigger departure doesn't mean it was more anomalous. There have been plenty of other winter months with colder departures. Feb 2014 was just about as cold as Feb 2015 for many locations. Feb 1936 blows Feb 2015 out of the water for not only expansive, but anomalous cold too. Believe there were some -30 F departures in parts of the country. Of course you also have Jan 1977 and Jan 1912 which produced some very cold anomalies. It's much harder to get insane warm anomalies in March than it is to get big cold anomalies in Jan or Feb. We pretty much had 2+ weeks of summer in March 2012. Even before and after the actual heatwave there were some very warm days too. Feb 2015 was just a colder version of a typical cold February, not really all that eye-popping. The only other month I can think of that may have been as anomalous was March 1843, but we don't have enough existing data on that. Feb 2015 wasn't unprecedented. March 2012 was though, and a heat event like that may never happen again, but I do wish for a "morch" every year I admit.
  10. February 2018 Discussion

    It was well into the 80s for many days back in March 2012...
  11. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Nah we’ll see a blizzard on the 4th of July too. Winter will never end.
  12. February 2018 Discussion

    It doesn’t even make sense that we’ve been as cold as we have lately. Almost seems like a miracle as teleconnections haven’t been favorable for cold at all, and we’re still in the warm phase of the MJO I believe. Troughs just love to magically appear out of nowhere it seems.
  13. February 2018 Discussion

    That east ridge is pure silliness. GFS showing some 70s as far north as NY by next week, and looks like some of our Ohio posters could see temps even warmer than last Feb. This month had the potential to be very warm for the entire subforum, just got unlucky (per usual).
  14. Spring 2018 Discussion

    a March 1960 redux is looking increasingly likely around these parts. Just plain awful. Might not see our first 70 degree day until May this year. I blame the Mt Agung eruptions. it’s messing up the weather patterns around the world I think.