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  1. So the tornado threat is increasing for SW and C OK tomorrow?
  2. I sense the sarcasm is strong with this one.
  3. There are some local amateur mets in the OKC area predicting a few significant tornadoes in the C OK tonight.
  4. Is the warm front moving further north than anticipated before?
  5. Welp, I posted this as a joke last week when it looked like a busy day today. Can't say I'm sad that it won't be a higher-end day for C OK.
  6. For what timeframe?
  7. Seems like we were saying that last week about this week.
  8. What region would this be affecting?
  9. A couple days ago I heard a lot of hype about potential severe weather on Friday the 21st here in the southern plains. Have model runs today backed off that?
  10. Any idea when we might see the next round of significant severe weather in the central/southern plains?