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  1. Live severe weather chat happening here: https://bit.ly/2Wi4vLx
  2. I've got a slack channel spun up for severe weather events and pull in a ton of info automatically from various sources: https://bit.ly/2Wi4vLx
  3. I started up a slack channel if anyone here is interested in real-time chat, especially considering how fast-moving this event is looking likely to be. https://join.slack.com/t/severe-weather-group/shared_invite/enQtNjMzNjExNjYwMjI1LWJmNWNmYzM4YzNiYTY1NDMwNTdiZTgwYTkxMzVjZjM4MWMyZWJmYTA0OTdmYzMzMGY0ZjQxMGE5NDBmMDUzMTY
  4. OUN's latest video update used about the strongest possible language I've heard them use before. They usually err on the side of being conservative.
  5. KOCO to a lesser extent and KFOR in OKC are pretty notorious with the locals for fear mongering. KWTV and David Payne are the most professional IMO.
  6. Which of the models at this point are leaving the door open for a lower-end tornado threat? How has that particular model performed in recent past? Sorry, non-technical weather geek alert here.
  7. Mike Morgan is infamous for his "drive south" moment that put a lot of people in danger.
  8. I've created a new Slack group for storm discussions. Might be useful for real-time chat: https://join.slack.com/t/severe-weather-group/shared_invite/enQtNjMzNjExNjYwMjI1LWJmNWNmYzM4YzNiYTY1NDMwNTdiZTgwYTkxMzVjZjM4MWMyZWJmYTA0OTdmYzMzMGY0ZjQxMGE5NDBmMDUzMTY
  9. So the tornado threat is increasing for SW and C OK tomorrow?