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  1. We’ll see but not getting excited. Another event where the cold air is chasing the precip
  2. we would get so much snow if the GFS 150+ hour verified
  3. Meh. Miss to me. This light snow wouldn’t have done much even with good temps. Short range models showed better rates but didn’t happen
  4. GFS doesn’t have any support so until other models say the same, it’s hard to get excited
  5. The way this winter has gone for us, I’ll get excited if it’s still showing this Friday or Saturday
  6. 18z gfs can’t be right. Gives RIC more snow than Norfolk
  7. Been very busy lately but looks like this weekend could be interesting after the Friday rain
  8. Roads still have not caved in the city. Just the cars and grassy areas
  9. Cars just now starting to cave but snow getting lighter
  10. Been snowing good here for about an hour with nothing to show for it
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