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  1. Both the 3K NAM and Euro has us getting about a half inch. Would take that and run. See if it happens.
  2. Going to miss out in RVA. The airport got a little rain. That's it. Stay safe those down in the 757.
  3. Latest 3K NAM has it getting pretty breezy around here Friday. Not much rain though, consistently showing around .3"
  4. Sun is out and it is tropical outside. We'll see if we get anything to pop up in RVA
  5. Cloudy out there now. We'll see if the clouds break up.
  6. So far, going the way I thought it would. Most of the action happening near the VA/NC border
  7. We'll see but I'm pretty meh about today. Most models keeping storms south of RVA, some keeping storms near the VA/NC border and down into NC.
  8. We've gotten plenty of the rain but been awhile since we had a good, strong storm. Most of those have missed us to the north or south. Maybe we'll get one today.
  9. Looks like an area of heavy rain coming this way. Squall line possible around 8
  10. RIC now in Enhanced risk for severe weather Friday. See if it verifies.
  11. Spring can go ahead and arrive now. I don't see us getting anymore snow the way this pattern is. Technically, RIC did get above average snowfall but almost all of it came back on the December event. Since then it's been cold rain.
  12. Beginning of March looks interesting but the way this season has gone being cautiously optimistic.
  13. Disappointed because this may have been our last shot at something decent. Getting closer to March and yeah it can snow here in March but it's not the same as seeing it in January, February.