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  1. light snow in near the fan. Top of cars getting a dusting.
  2. I could be wrong but I have hard time buying that much snow the models are putting out. Temps are marginal and the system seems to be moving rather quickly
  3. Looks like it's sticking to grassy areas in Emporia.
  4. heavy snow in Emporia on the VDOT cams. And in Williamsburg
  5. Every time it looks like it's trying to fill in, dry air eats away at it.
  6. Yeah I was definitely suffering from sleep deprivation and hallucinating earlier. Not looking good for RVA. Pity snow at best.
  7. Well hopefully we can at least get a period of some snow. Something to look at.
  8. I could be hallucinating but I actually like how the radar looks.
  9. I do see that. FWIW, our friends in the SE forum look like they are getting concerned, mainly with temps. Temps are always an issue down there though.
  10. Agree. I'll give it until around 7. If it's not doing anything then, I will wave the white flag.
  11. I've already started with the radar hallucinations lol. Radar looks pretty decent.
  12. Even Petersburg area only gets maybe a dusting to half inch. I'm checking out. Maybe we'll get surprised.