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  1. Much like last year, as of right now things look promising. Going to guess 1380. SPC will be gun shy but another high end potential event in may will have them pull the trigger. Who knows if it will verify. First high risk: May 10th
  2. High Risk April 28th. Number of tornadoes: 1210. This year is showing some promise. Particularly for the plains. Color me optimistic
  3. The program "2018instability.exe" has stopped working. Please restart.
  4. Tornadoes: 1265 First High Risk: March 26th Dixie Alley Last year I thought the SPC wasn't going to pull the trigger and it turned out they were trigger happy all Spring. Based on lots of what has already been mentioned on here, this year looks promising for the volume of tornadoes but in terms of chase terrain...eh. I think there will be a couple higher end events but for good chaseability like in the High Plains, it will be quite limited. I-35 corridor and points east are my guess for most plains activity and I think the EF-5 drought ends this year.
  5. After the past few years, this is the first year I actually have some optimism about the severe weather season. Like previously mentioned, the ENSO state favors more activity especially east of the Mississippi. The plains may be quieter than usual, but the southeast is due for a solid couple of events. I have a high risk date but I would not be shocked if the SPC does not pull the trigger this year and stick with a moderate risk and then the event over performs. Number of tornadoes: 1150 First High Risk: April 21st TN/MS/AL
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