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  1. The key is to think about it as a minor part of your life, something you enjoy. Like sports. It's disappointing sure but no more than anything that has a real effect on your life. I see a lot of people who even in a great winter get really upset about stuff. That's the thing...if people are getting stressed out over snow during a big snow winter...when will they be happy? That's why I have to laugh when I see people in the preseason get happy over a cold/snowy winter.
  2. It IS a bit odd, though. I enjoy getting reactions from people on the board. My favorite is my work buddy Robin, a no-nonsense hilariously profane country gal who says the funniest **** about AmWx which I laugh at but some would probably get pretty pissed about even though she's joking. Nothing specified about we can complain about. I had a ****ty steak last night at a restaurant party for my best friend here. Imma go post on a gourmet board about how crushed I am.
  3. lol....again, man, some on here need to find a hobby they can handle. I've shown this board to people before during a potential bust and they've asked me what I am doing hanging out on a forum for kids. They were stunned when I told them most are adults.
  4. You gotta grow a backbone, kid. I don't think you're cut out for this hobby. You can't control your emotions.
  5. Hard to see spring anytime soon. I don't think we're done with snow after this. No real sign of it.
  6. Holy ****! I told my brother about this, he's a big fan, and blew up on me about it.
  7. One of the issues with the daily digit is it gives the public another bashing benchmark. Air temps and how they feel can be very subjective. When I used to go on the Media Line forum's Wxline subforum, which was for TV mets, a guy on there talked about how his station came up with a graphic to give people an idea of what to leave for work with: umbrella, heavy coat, light jacket, light short sleeves, etc. People would b**ch at them because on some days people would think it was a light jacket day and they said heavy coat day and vice versa. So yeah, I see what you mean about some people loving a 90-degree humid day and others not.
  8. Totally agree. Besides, if we were the benchmark for what people like, I wouldn't have so much success and fun antagonizing people on social media telling them their dreams of spring are being squashed yet again.
  9. Well, for starters, it's not a straight news page, it's a feature blog. Are they getting clicks, page views, and good time on site? If so, then they're probably not going to change.
  10. You're just not going to get "omg this next storm is going to rock!" from a major media outlet. Especially now. People view snow as a disruption, a big pain in the ass. I do agree with you all on the daily number stuff. Especially in the summer. "Sunny and pleasant" is enough for mild days.
  11. This is the weather equivalent of a forum of Pitchfork readers complaining their Top 40 station won't play St. Vincent, Fugazi, and The National. We ain't the majority. We like weather that makes the majority miserable. I say rock on. But The Washington Post won't.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if he's gone if they are say bounced in the Conference semis. The other side of the "if he didn't get fired when ____" coin is **** adding up. Plus there's also the team completely quitting on him to get him fired. Hell, our team's owner was quite the expert at that in the 80s.
  13. Cool. Right now I'm a bit bugged at the off-season, was hoping for at least one good signing.