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  1. Meh. I guess so. 48 hour busts seem to happen every year. This hobby isn't for everyone. No doubt. More proof it's not a good idea put out maps for a complex forecast that early.
  2. We tend to remember busts that are short term forecasts. This isn't anywhere close to that one (yet).
  3. Lots of times. We tend to forget about them. We won't remember this one next year.
  4. The key is to think about it as a minor part of your life, something you enjoy. Like sports. It's disappointing sure but no more than anything that has a real effect on your life. I see a lot of people who even in a great winter get really upset about stuff. That's the thing...if people are getting stressed out over snow during a big snow winter...when will they be happy? That's why I have to laugh when I see people in the preseason get happy over a cold/snowy winter.
  5. Occasional snow flake mixed with hazy sunshine here. This setup is so complicated I don't know what my benchmarks are for radar hallucinations.
  6. It IS a bit odd, though. I enjoy getting reactions from people on the board. My favorite is my work buddy Robin, a no-nonsense hilariously profane country gal who says the funniest **** about AmWx which I laugh at but some would probably get pretty pissed about even though she's joking. Nothing specified about we can complain about. I had a ****ty steak last night at a restaurant party for my best friend here. Imma go post on a gourmet board about how crushed I am.
  7. lol....again, man, some on here need to find a hobby they can handle. I've shown this board to people before during a potential bust and they've asked me what I am doing hanging out on a forum for kids. They were stunned when I told them most are adults.
  8. You gotta grow a backbone, kid. I don't think you're cut out for this hobby. You can't control your emotions.
  9. This is a pretty good blog post about why it's not good to put out forecast maps too early: http://ericwfmj.com/2014/03/02/blog-what-happened-to-the-big-storm/
  10. Sunshine, hazy blue sky, dusting on the ground, light snow...weird morning.
  11. Hard to see spring anytime soon. I don't think we're done with snow after this. No real sign of it.
  12. I have my doubts this is it...I'd prefer nothing after March 15 but man, when you got all the long-range models showing below normal through the end of the month, reason and logic tells you that the odds of it being the last are not real good.
  13. Altoona's in a potential bust zone but in both ways. I am not sure. Here we basically have 4-8" of solid ice. Yeah, no doubt. Yeah, that's a possibility. I also think it could be a lot further south, or the temps don't drop down south of M/D line fast enough to cut into totals, etc. Yes indeed. March 2001 still scars us all. I love this autocorrect even though I hate autocorrect. Anyway, I think what you are saying is correct on Feb 5 2010. I can't remember exactly though.
  14. I have this odd feeling, and I don't know why, I guess do to this storm's complexity, that this is going to bust horribly somewhere.
  15. This place looks great, I love brewpubs: http://www.marketcrosspub.com/