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  1. Yes, looks like we are in the jackpot zone for Wake County.
  2. It must have came down hard. And it is really fluffy. Looks like the Christmas 2010 snow.
  3. I just woke up. WOW! It is a winter wonderland here.
  4. NAM looks to be on it's own right now compared to the other models.
  5. Looks like I am right on the 4 to 8 line with RAH. GFS looked awesome this way.
  6. So, maybe 1 to 2 less hours of snow here. That does not sound bad at all if the Triad gets a foot.
  7. It does look great. I am sure there will be ice mixed in, but I think the majority of the models are showing a good hit of snow before changing to ice up my way. I'll take the majority instead of seeking out the one or two that show the worst case scenario.
  8. Short range models tend to go back and forth a lot with the warm nose and cold air push this close to the event. Remember seeing it happen a lot. And I guess I should post it here since it got deleted from the storm thread.
  9. Seems the NAM is going back and forth with the warm nose while the other models have held steady or even improved this morning.
  10. Woke up to a winter storm warning. RAH saying 3 to 6 inches of snow with up to a quarter inch of freezing rain on top. And if the models are right, the snow amount might be higher. Looks like they keep increasing totals as we get closer.
  11. Wow, almost a foot for me. Is this the Kuchera map?
  12. NAM looks in line with the Euro and FV3, too.
  13. You know, when I watch TV and there's a new show on that I watch for a few episodes, and then I decide I don't really like it, I don't keep watching it.
  14. Say, what's the deal with people that gave up on the storm two days ago, but still continue to follow the models and post about the storm?
  15. I am thinking that is what we get, but with less ice.
  16. Under a Winter Storm Watch now.
  17. The gradient for Wake is funny. And 10.3 for Durham, but 3.9 for Raleigh.
  18. Looks like the ice is worse as you go from Raleigh to Charlotte. Maybe the snow up this way will be more then.
  19. Maybe letting the cold air get in place longer before the precip arrives could end up being a good thing.
  20. Looks like he increased totals a bit.
  21. You can get arrested for that.