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  1. Our place did well in this storm - measured just shy of 16” (we’re above Lory State Park). I’m so glad to see it, as our area was threatened by part of the Cameron Peak Fire. We’re told the fires won’t be put out by this storm but it darn sure helped a lot.
  2. Ok I overestimated - just measured we have 11” not 12. I tend to overestimate the size of fish I catch too
  3. Here too southwest of Bellvue. We have about 12” already - no kidding....
  4. Greetings all. Just spent a week being evacuated and got back into our house yesterday (Lory State Park area). The extent of the fires and drought conditions is unreal. I don’t know what it will take to break down the pattern of nearly constant high pressure ridges in the western US, but that pattern is certainly the main culprit for the extreme conditions. Once in a great while the pattern will relax and a storm will get through - only to be followed by a ridge re-establishing. Rinse and repeat. Of course fires are nature’s way of regenerating healthy forests. This regeneration can only happen IF there is a period of cooler temps/storminess to enable it - and as we’ve seen over the past couple decades this cannot be taken for granted. With each passing year life in the western US gets more interesting and challenging. I'm Thankful and in awe of the job the fire fighters are doing in exceptionally bad conditions. They (and all of us!) desperately need a break from this relentlessly wicked weather pattern .
  5. Hello I’ve been away from this forum for a couple months. As with many folks in the west it’s been a very tough summer - to put it mildly. Where I live west of Fort Collins, we’ve been on high fire alert - first from a smaller fire near Rist Canyon and then Cameron Peak. We’ve packed up our valuables a couples of times but have not had to evacuate. I can tell you the rain and snow received earlier in September saved our bacon. Many others have not been so fortunate. I consider it a miracle of sorts we got that storm in September. The day before we literally had our trailer packed ready to leave. Unfortunately it has now been 3 weeks + without any precipitation. Not sure what is causing the massive high pressure systems to the west but this seems to be more or less a permanent feature of the weather pattern. Until or unless there is a change in this pattern, the big fires burning now will keep going despite the fire fighters best efforts. We need a succession of significant storms to put them out - not just one. For now at least the weather is cooling down....
  6. Just posting brief message here to turn off notifications. Will check back in the fall; hopefully the weather pattern starts making a positive change, this summer is not good . Always appreciate those who post here....
  7. Just about a week ago CFS was trending to a wet/cold cold August for the southwest, and now they are saying the entire west will be warm/dry for August. So what is to be believed now? I’m sorry I do not place a lot of stock in the longer range models
  8. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by this lack of precipitation . Almost the entire state is now in some level of drought, some of it pretty severe....
  9. Thanks Raindance. That’s the way it goes - the models giveth and then the models taketh away. I should learn not to get bent out of shape about model runs but I seem to anyway. It just seems more often than not the cooler/wetter runs do not verify, and the drier/warm ones do....
  10. As of today Fort Collins sits at .11” for July. Barring any additional rain the next few days, this would make July 2020 the third driest July in recorded weather history - with 1939 being the driest (0) and 1931 and 2002 tied for second (.07). Last week at this time it looked promising that the SW monsoon might kick into gear - we all know how that’s turned out . As others here have posted the 2020 SW monsoon is a flop, at least in northern CO.
  11. Thanks Raindance for your great information. I’m also hoping for a wet August here on the front range. Doesn’t that seem like an unlikely outcome though given that the monsoon is largely a no-show?
  12. Hey thanks. Good to hear there was at least a little rain. Based on what Raindance is saying about what’s ahead for the West, if Denver is just at 63% YTD it seems highly likely you’ll finish the year well below average. The Fort Collins area is in about the same boat, and southern CO is in the worst shape. In this era on the CO front range an above average month of precipitation is hard to come by, let alone a year. The summer months in particular have become very hot and dry in recent years. This pattern sets in June or July (fortunately the last two June’s have been better) and doesn’t let up until mid-October or so.
  13. We did have a feeble attempt at a thunderstorm a bit ago here in the Bellvue area. It did wet the ground a little and then high winds dried it up in about 2 seconds. I don’t know how else to put it this weather sucks
  14. Yes very interesting to see this - no doubt the low temp due to the utter lack of moisture in the air now. Sad to see the entire state getting engulfed in drought now. Right now reminds me of the year 2012 when large chunks of Colorado forests burned (in fact as I type this I can look up the mountain and see burn scars from that year). I hope I’m wrong but am very concerned about the effects this summer heat wave will bring - if you believe what you read (I don’t always) this pattern will persist all summer. I pray the experts are wrong about this!