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  1. Here is 00z from today and then 18z below:
  2. Yea, was thinking that the wind is kicking up today more than on some recent wind advisory days
  3. Yeah, just noticed that the HRRRx was doing that and matched up with the maps you showed. But then again, times don't look to match up Honestly, I haven't looked at anything in any detail in that area, more interested in seeing if something could fire in N. Texas tomorrow afternoon. But your advice applies there, disappointment for anyone looking for storms to take advantage of the huge CAPE across N. Texas.
  4. Some runs of the HRRRx have shown a broken line of semi-discrete cells across that area
  5. Looks like 1st couple of attempts failed. You can see the orphaned anvils racing off to the SE on the newest sat images.
  6. I tried to keep it going through the lame excuse for a winter that we had I've mostly been posting elsewhere lately or just randomly on Twitter. With that said, the cap is still in place but things do look a bit concerning, esp for hail. I hate hail! The CAMs started giving hints yesterday that the main threat might shift south towards DFW today. Then the overnight run of the NCAR ensembles seemed to confirm that. Now to see what happens.
  7. They don't look like much on radar but are exploding on sat so fast that this image is already way outdated lol
  8. Stating the obvious here but NCAR Ens highlighting the triple point area in OK and dryline in N. TX. The HRRRx has cells as far south as DFW this evening.
  9. That Atlantic sst configuration should result in another season of the MDR being a dead zone, if things don't flip back warm. I'll take +PDO/-AMO with ENSO transitioning to positive any summer!
  10. What are you getting a masters in? I've been kicking around the thought of going back to finish my PhD.
  11. These events have been popping up a lot so far in '17. Next Sunday to Tuesday could be another multi day event covering portions of this sub forum.
  12. Ha! I do remember telling you in a site mail that we were going to score. I'm trying to make the best of this trip to New Mexico. There were some snow showers today but I had to climb up above 8k ft to find them but the views are always worth it. Even though the snow showers weren't much there was snow on the ground up higher
  13. I'm still holding out hope for the last week of Feb into 1st of March. Was it two years ago that our whole winter was basically two weeks at the end of Feb? One small system then a nice winter storm. I'll have to go back and look.
  14. Cool, I'll take a look tonight. I've kind of been kicking around '09 as an analog for the upcoming summer and then on into fall, esp. if the QBO switches. Winter '09/10 was Nino, weak +PDO, with a QBO switch during the summer. I'll have to do some more digging but Nino with -QBO has historically been a pretty good combo for Texas.