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  1. Would love to see this come in multiple waves and allow people south of I-80 to get in on the fun! Another cutter will hurt my soul.
  2. Managed to squeak out a nice dusting down here last with night, with around a half an inch. More than I expected!
  3. It's been showing a storm, but it's also been showing a storm around the middle of next week consistently and now it's gone. Wouldn't put too much faith in it yet.
  4. I think we will see some flakes, just accums will be minimal.
  5. Looking good for Chicago and north. Off topic question, anyone know the skill scores for the GFS-Parallel?
  6. Radarscope is showing some lightning in that band!
  7. Still look to be in that precarious zone where rain would likely mix in with snow. Looking for the low to track just a bit further SE, with a little more cold.
  8. Very active, with plenty of snow chances for most on the board in the next 10 days.
  9. Looks like mostly rain here! Enjoy it up north.
  10. Right but in terms of it being more similar to the GFS or Euro, it's way closer to the GFS. Just like 50 miles farther north, give or take.
  11. NAM and GFS very similiar. Wondering if the Euro is off its rocker again... Will be another good test.
  12. Enjoy this guys! Everyone knew it was coming sooner or later. Definitely post pictures!!
  13. If anything even near the magnitude the 00Z Euro was showing for cold verifies next week, many records will be broken. Glad to see winter get off to such an active start this year. Hopefully it continues all the way through!
  14. For the Ohio valley, all of the incoming shortwaves have become much flatter in the 3-10 day range in all modeling. Looking like we may get more rain than snow if the current trends hold...
  15. Does anyone know how well the HRRR does in these marginal temp kind of events? I noticed that it is significantly colder in a good chunk of Iowa and Illinois than the 4k NAM tomorrow morning. Edit: It's also at the end of the recent HRRR runs, and I have no idea how much skill it has towards the end of its run.