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  1. Some people aren't omniscient here. It's nice when people who have more knowledge readily spread that knowledge. If you don't like it, just skip over it.
  2. Agree with this 100 percent. Euro looks worse each run with respect to lake effect potential. It barely drops anything this weekend now, whereas the GFS has a crush job. Classic battle setting up.
  3. It's hard to stay a course when you're calling for cold and snowy two weeks out and then one model run changes to a less favorable pattern.
  4. NAM comes in even more juiced this morning.
  5. Not sure I buy Albany getting 175 percent of normal snow. That would be a blockbuster year for all of NNE. Very doubtful.
  6. This system is shaping up to look fairly similar, at least in terms of what the NAM is showing. Interesting at least.
  7. NAM trying to pull some shenanigans. Could it be the first on the sauce like the little event earlier this week?
  8. Got a few lighter squalls in Albany this morning. Was thinking we would, but nice to see the flakes flying.
  9. Such good news we needed to see it twice.
  10. Got down to 21 here last night. Very surprised.
  11. All aboard the cold November hype train.
  12. What about this says warm in the long range? Both GEFS and EPS develop eastern troughs in 10-15 day range.
  13. It's intriguing that the NAM sniffed this out on Sunday. It was more juiced then, but the general idea of flakes flying was there. The NAM is trying to make New England November snow great again.
  14. There goes a blown low the first day. Nothing showed it dropping that fast. Can tell this city is going to be a rough one.
  15. 54/37/14 Always hard to forecast the first day for a city and climate that I know literally nothing about.