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  1. Yea and look Winter Storm Warnings In the deep south.. Im ready for spring im tired of everything this winter.
  2. Just missing snow events every way in the world is rough. Happens no mater where I go.
  3. Possible half inch here on sunday night or so.. but who really knows. Looks to me something is going to set up in the south/Tex again. No shock there.
  4. Yep all this cold air and without snow.. kind of depressing to me. But thats just me. Everyone stay warm.
  5. Well it got down to -1 this morning. Having the heater work overtime here for sure.
  6. Spot

    December 2017 Discussion

    -1 IMBY this morning. Still very cold!
  7. Interesting 00z NAM looks alot like todays GFS. It looks kind of that way to me at least.
  8. I was wondering how the GFS was scoring. Pretty bad then?
  9. GFS caves to the Euro in the end it seems right? I think thats the case. I could be wrong though. Oh and its supposed to be around 0 tonight.. we'll see if that happens.
  10. From what I remember the GFS has/had a cold bias in the past. NAM would have a wet bias and the Euro would hang energy in the SW.. Jomo may have more imput on that. Pattern wise they are not that far off on that from what I can see right now.
  11. EURO is warmer overall. GFS is way colder.