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  1. Happy Birthday, Jerry! 28 and feels like snow here.
  2. Nice little mood snow over at Wachusett. Sanders were out in force, so roads were good.
  3. Merry Christmas!! Congratulations Ray!! Wishing you both all the best life has to offer. Getting shellacked here! We're in the good stuff. Hopefully winds aren't too bad later. Still ice on the trees.
  4. Yeah, according to National Grid outage map, they are estimating power to be restored by Thursday, 11:45 PM in other parts of Dracut. We've always been pretty fortunate in my neighborhood for having it restored quickly. Not sure why, but it's been the main reason why I haven't bought a generator. Although I'm thinking I should probably stop tempting fate.
  5. Yes, came back on last night around 10:30. So, just under 24 hours which isn't bad. Very consistent with Dec. 08 and Oct. 11 in terms of restoration time.
  6. Yep. We lost power between 12:30 and 1 AM. The winds were rattling the house during that time.
  7. Game is as volatile as this storm, lol.
  8. Roaring overhead now. According to National Grid Map, lots of outages just a few streets over.
  9. You picked a great day, not just for weather / conditions / crowd-avoidance - but according to some posts on Alpine Zone, Wildcat is having power problems today.
  10. I think it will take a while to pass through our area. We should do ok for some time. Has picked up quite a bit here over the last 10 minutes or so.
  11. Three hours since first flakes - maybe 1/2"
  12. 2.5 here so far. Thought I'd get 4-5 without too much trouble. Oh well. Looks nice though.
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