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  1. Wind is roaring overhead.
  2. You picked a great day, not just for weather / conditions / crowd-avoidance - but according to some posts on Alpine Zone, Wildcat is having power problems today.
  3. Happy Birthday!
  4. I think it will take a while to pass through our area. We should do ok for some time. Has picked up quite a bit here over the last 10 minutes or so.
  5. Three hours since first flakes - maybe 1/2"
  6. 2.5 here so far. Thought I'd get 4-5 without too much trouble. Oh well. Looks nice though.
  7. First flakeage in Dracut - 20 deg
  8. After the initial burst early this afternoon, it flipped to rain more quickly than I thought. Then, it took a long time to flip back. In fact, I was skeptical whether it was going to happen at all. But, as you, Will and others pointed out, it was just a matter of time. Once the wind direction changed, the flip shortly followed. Decent finish at least. It certainly looks nice out there.
  9. Just noticed the sound of the rain all of a sudden went silent. Temp dropped 3 degrees rather quickly, and large snowflakes finally falling.
  10. Pouring rain here. But, wind has shifted and line looks like it's creeping ever so slightly east.
  11. Wow - postcard stuff right there.
  12. Moderate rain. Gonna need some help in the temperature department. 34
  13. We're holding you to that! For now, I'll take comfort in the soothing sounds of raindrops hitting the window. Oh, wait...
  14. Oh yeah - definitely close by! Let's hope we get into the goods later. Been pretty stagnate here for over an hour.
  15. Lol, yeah I suppose good to get it out of the way now in case things get better later on.