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  1. pino0914

    OBS thread March 1, 2019

    Moderate snow in East Harlem.
  2. pino0914

    OBS thread Feb 20-21, 2019

    Light but steady snow falling in UES
  3. noob question but what does KU stand for?
  4. 33.6 and steady snow in E. Harlem. Temp has fallen 1.5 in last 30 min. Nothing sticking yet.
  5. 35.1 with light snow in East Harlem.
  6. pino0914

    Solstice Storm Discussion/Obs

    In East Harlem, I got 1.14" of rain in the gauge this morning. Current temp 58.1
  7. Not sure how much has fallen but trees are down all over upper Manhattan. Roads are a nightmare.
  8. pino0914

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    Its beautiful out there. Even 1st Ave on UES is covered. Heavy snow still falling.
  9. Very light snow on the UES right now. Temp steady at 33.3.
  10. Snowing really well on the UES. Eyeballing about a half inch already.
  11. More thunder around UES
  12. Heaviest rates of the day here on the UES.
  13. Thunder and lighting! UES
  14. Heavy snow, just started sticking on UES. WOW
  15. pino0914

    Bomb Cyclone Obs Thread, March 1-3 2018

    UES has mod snow, best little burst of the day and really windy now too