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  1. I got it ... thanks!
  2. Coldfront, did you get to 3"?
  3. I had a report out of Durham for 3.7" but only .17" liq ..or 22:1 ratio. That'll kill snowfall forecast too. You got a PNS coming out before 11?
  4. GFS way east at 108 hr ..still south of ACK ..but coming west now
  5. Nice call ... just got a report out of Durham with 2.2" and .38" liq for 5.9 to 1 ratio. You got a total ?
  6. HVN justed gusted to 63 mph after ISP hit 59 mph.
  7. Phew ... that sounds better. Thnk.
  8. Randolph? As in south of Augusta? Any other reports in?
  9. Any recent reports from the loaf?
  10. GYX just issued an updated PNS with a hefty list of totals ...
  11. I saw 9" at 10:15am. Did you pick up any more after the change to sleet? Nice call ...
  12. Are you in the office? Will these be incorporated into the next PNS?
  13. The NAM T1 temps are colder for PWM as well. 850 temps have been steady overnight but the boundry layer is colder now. Northerly flow keeps the coastal front offshore and more snow, less rain along the coastal counties. GYX has PWM with 6-10" and that is looking good.
  14. Power outages aside, I think this storm will be more of a shock to most folks than the Halloween one ... just seems like there isn't much talk of it. Not sure if that changed this morning but last night I kept getting the "really?" "it's going to snow?" ...
  15. I'll be in by 1pm ..on tonight. Should be a busy afternoon.