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  1. I just wanted to stop by and wish my friends here a happy 4th tomorrow and hopefully a dry one. I'm currently on Dauphin Island, Alabama but fixing to start my 11 hour drive home. Pretty sure I'm going to run into some rain on the way.
  2. [quote name="NwWhiteOut" post="4152051" "Hope this upcoming winter won't be a dud like last season lol." In the spirit of keeping a positive attitude, couldn't be much worse than last winter. Literally. :-) lol
  3. Hope all gets better, NwWhiteOut. Gotta love the CFS showing below normal temps over the north Central US and above normal precip for us in DJF 16'-17'.
  4. Nope. Too much can go wrong between now and May around here. Lol
  5. Some nice storms set to roll through on the first early morning of meteorological Spring. Good riddance winter of 2015-16!!
  6. Looks like someone forgot to tell the GFS that winter is over. Lol
  7. That's an awesome picture. The county I live in has a slight elevation effect like that I believe. It's pretty neat. Last night, 500 more feet would have made a huge difference. You could see the snow above town in the lights for a long time before it ever started reaching the ground.
  8. I don't think I ever dropped below 38 the entire time it snowed. If so it was only very briefly. If I had to guess I'd say I had .75-1" at one time but it melted off by this morning.
  9. My snowless streak is officially broken. Finally got to see measurable snow. I was watching on my radar app and the area around and in my county was the only one that showed snow the whole time. Got to see some beautiful snowflakes too but was too sleepy to post about it. Now I'm wide awake. Go figure.
  10. Well, the warmest temperature I've ever seen it snow is now 39 degrees.
  11. This is going to be pretty much all storm dynamics over anything else. Basically a crap shoot any way you look at it down here.
  12. Well, looks like all this warmth is just our midwinter "thaw" so to speak. More winter coming soon.
  13. Yeah. That is correct. Over 11 miles wide at one point.
  14. Yeah, the fires are pretty bad down here the last 2 days as well. My local fire department has been working fires in the area since late in the night last night.
  15. I'm not sure what the all-time state record is but Beaver most likely had it at 89 until today which is now 90. We do have some of the most extreme same month and 24 hour temperature swings in history. Some have stood since as far back as 1911-12.
  16. Yeah. Maybe we'll get an El Niño 'lag' effect next year. Hopefully a little more cooperative atmosphere at least. Meanwhile, mid 70s are going to feel pretty nice next Thursday. Maybe I really will be mowing by mid-March.
  17. Yup. It's been real and it's been fun. Just hasn't been real fun this year. Lol
  18. 06-07 was equally horrible and 12-13 was horrible for me also. I don't count the snow in May that year as really being snow.
  19. Trace here also. Somewhere around 2 inches in Tulsa if I'm not mistaken.
  20. Oh, and NwWhiteOut, I never saw it the other day but yes, the 22" snowstorm really happened. It was amazing. It does happen here just not often obviously.
  21. May 3-4 2013 also set the record low mean temperatures for a lot of places around here. It was an interesting couple of days.
  22. I think it was May 2013. Big pretty snow but it was gone by 10 am.
  23. Winter's over. I'll be breaking out my lawnmower by March 15th this year probably.