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  1. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    What an absolutely incredible afternoon!!!! I was beyond S++ at times. Visibilities reduced to approximately 250' during the heaviest of the snows. This was the first snow in our new home, so my initial measuring location was terrible; too much blowing off the roof. So, this afternoon, I took measurements around the back yard (still hard pan dirt, so no grass measurement) at 1500 and recorded 11". We received another 2+ hours of 2-3" rates and I measured average snow depth of 16.8" around my backyard. One last band to go, so, perhaps another 1"? Easily the best storm I have experienced since moving to Richmond as this was the best I have seen since 1996's 38" in my yard. What. A. Day. Hard to believe I woke up a little depressed over the early changeover to sleet last night. It is a little but disappointing to realize we lost about .6 to .7" qpf to sleet but today more than makes up for it. Incredible.
  2. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    From hence forth, this town shall forever be known as sleet city.
  3. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    A caveat here: those NAM maps don't parse out IP/SN ... it was 6-8" of SN followed by 1.2"QPF of IP ...
  4. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    I'm not sure what model this is, but Mike works works at WSI...
  5. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    warnings up.
  6. Blizzard of '96 Anniversary

    38" of snow... in one weekend... *sigh*
  7. Met Autumn BANTER

    Trying to post something, Chris?
  8. Climate Change Banter

    I think I'll leave it to illustrate how frequently I come to these fora and how much that other thing hurts.
  9. Climate Change Banter

    How'd you get GISS to manipulate the data for you?
  10. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    You might disagree with me, but, I was not "dishonest." Wait, isn't DC a whole different climo? Don't you all have your own thread to b**ch in?
  11. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Thank you for perfectly illustrating my point that you your pals think and act as if you all run the place and others are unwelcome.
  12. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    I'll second his invite... hit me up on FB and we'll let you into the even-more-super-secret inner-lair.
  13. Mid Atlantic Snow totals thread for winter 2014/15

    I am 1.6 mi SSE of Short Pump town center when you go to make your map, Katie... if you want coordinates, let me know and I'll DM you... 1/27: 2" 2/16-17: 7.0" 2/26: 5.1"
  14. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Yeh, I am angry. I take it real personally, etc. that's why I post like 5 times a year these days. I've posted recently a couple times to call out a few contributors who are particularly egregious offenders. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    When I'm jackpotting at the expense of Raleigh, I don't do touchdown dances about in their forum. When they're jackpotting instead of me, I don't b**ch, moan, and whine about it incessantly like happens in the DC thread. There is a core clique that frequents the "Mid-Atlantic" forum on this board that loses its mind if they're not the jackpot of every storm all winter long. That same clique seems to want the title of the regional sub-forum to be DC/Balt and not "Mid-Atlantic." Accordingly, when someone from outside that region asks about their location, they're generally dismissed and made fun of. Period. Full Stop. If you want the ****ing region to be "DC/Balt" then change the god-damn name. John may write the checks, but you guys basically run the place and don't act like you don't. I've been around long enough to know how it operates. Don't call yourselves mid-atlantic and tell everyone south and west of Winchester to Fredericksburg to "**** off" and then act surprised when you're called out for being a dick.