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  1. UAH V5.6 was a 0.37 for June down 0.19 from May and 0.01 above June of last year.
  2. What's even more crazy is the channel has 420k subscribers.
  3. UAH V6.0 was a 0.71 for April down .02 from March. UAH V5.6 was a 0.76 for April down .09 from March
  4. UAH V5.6 was a .85 for March down .05 from February making it the second hottest month on record.
  5. UAH V5.6 came in at 0.90 for February up 0.28 from January making it the warmest month on record.
  6. It's like deja vu with Blizz every single month.
  7. UAH V5.6 was a 0.62 for January up 0.06 from December. January was the warmest on record and the 3rd highest monthly reading behind Feb 98 0.65 and April 98 0.66
  8. UAH V5.6 was 0.55 for December up 0.08 from November. For the year it was 0.35 up 0.08 from 2014 and coming in 3rd behind 2010 0.40 and 1998 0.42
  9. Looks like we lost a great poster in the CC forum. His factual knowledge and science based post will be missed greatly.
  10. Climate denial has nothing to do with the topic we're talking about so i don't know why you keep bringing it up in this conversation. Your first statement was incorrect in which i wanted to point it out to you. You made it out as if we are worst off then 2012 which is not true. Volume is around 2013 I'm not denying that as both Piomas and Cryosat show. Hycom does have flaws I'm not saying its worthless but they have been talked about many times on here in the past.
  11. Indeed like trying to skew someones post.
  12. UAH V5.6 came in at 0.46 for November down 0.11 from october.
  13. We seem to go down this path once a month.