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  1. Sactown4

    Major Hurricane Florence

    Well, that makes a lot of sense then, and thankfully my post was still reasoned enough to only leave me looking like a partial fool.
  2. Sactown4

    Major Hurricane Florence

    The 12Z GFS had a major hurricane crawling up the coast, with a landfall on Long Island. That would greatly impact the immediate area. It's unlikely that it will play out that way, but I don't see the point in downplaying what the models showed.
  3. It felt like a light rain in Midtown 30 minutes ago. Actually melted some accumulations. Back to snow now, hoping we can pull off 4 - 6 overnight, but think we'll be just under.
  4. I always hope you're right, but it's been a tough March. Last think to worry about is that if doesn't stall while we're in a snow hole.
  5. That's not true at all. Every model might have it at 10:1 while including sleet, but that's not realistic based on the runs. If you use Kuchera or snow depth, most models are below that range. The majority of the 5 boroughs, and especially Manhattan need it quite a bit cooler than the current runs are showing in order to get near 8 inches.
  6. What do you see as best case accumulations for the city. Your posts are more on the conservative (and unfortunately accurate side), but would love to know if you think we have a shot at seeing 6 inches on the ground?
  7. It has nailed the (lack of) accumulating snow in Manhattan for the last 3 systems. It actually has overdone totals during those systems. This would have been such an incredible stretch if we were in January or February, instead we've had these awesome systems that just don't stick to anything in the city. The last 2 storms both had periods where the snow started to stick for a brief period, and then washed off within an hour.
  8. Sactown4

    Hurricane Irma

    Hi guys, Hoping someone can help me out here. Was meant to be on vacation in Fort Lauderdale till Sunday evening, and obviously needed to cut that short. Was able to book a flight out of Orlando for early Saturday afternoon. Do you think that flights will still be taking off then, or are we out of luck? Thanks
  9. Sactown4

    Potential Hermine Impacts

    I might be wrong, but looks quite a bit further NW that any recent Ukie run.
  10. The averages in that period are 51/37. If we're 15 below that, and precipitation moves in, there's a chance of snow. I'm not a weather guru, but that's just basic.
  11. Sactown4

    3/4-5/2015 Storm Observations

    Love reading your analysis Doorman, what does this signify?
  12. Sactown4

    3/4-5/2015 Storm Observations

    Looking at the water vapor loop, it looks like a disturbance in the Pacific just cut off the feed of moisture. Was that expected? Will it kick back in? I'm a newb, so if I'm completely wrong about what I saw, my bad. http://www.goes.noaa.gov/dml/comp/goes/nhem/wv.html
  13. Where do you get that from? The UV index in late March is almost the same as in early October. Right now we have a November sun.
  14. Sactown4

    Central PA & Fringes - Autumn dawns

    Congratulations! While I'm not going to have the perfect weather you had, I'm just hoping for a 2 hour window, on Friday. I'm getting married on Friday at Brodhead Creek Park at 1:00 PM. The weather sites are giving conflicting info, and I was hoping one of you might be able to give me the scoop on what the chances of rain might be between noon and 2:00 pm on Friday. Have an indoor place as a backup, but it doesn't come close to the beautiful Pennsylvania nature. Thanks