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  1. Just now, Touchet said:

    People on my FB feed are reporting power outages in Alabama. Apparently the wind is kicking up so strong it’s causing power outages. Low may be stronger than expected?

    Winds are very strong over here, last I read almost 18,000 people without power here in the Atlanta area.  

  2. 4 minutes ago, SnowDawg said:

    A lot of what I thought was rain earlier was mainly sleet, may actually have an inch of that on top of the partially melted snow from earlier. Now it just keeps flipping constantly. At times it’s mainly snow, and then it’ll flip mainly sleet and mix in between the flips. Hoping to flip all snow before the heaviest gets hear in a couple hours. Still can’t get that dry easy wind that everyone else is getting though.

    The wind here is amazing....we’re probably getting gusts to 30 mph at this hour.  I can tell you we’re honestly probably lucky the wedge isn’t quite as cold and dry as in previous storms because with the amount of qpf along with this wind, that would be one helluva ice storm and probably one for the ages.

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  3. Fairly surprised at the FFC graphic....haven't really chimed in on this storm since it looked to leave us totally out of the game, at least Atlanta proper around the perimeter.  The new EURO continues support for freezing rain in the typical CAD areas from Gwinnett/Hall county and points north and east.  I'd still like to see what the NAM says by tomorrow afternoon for our area, that should give us a better idea of what the potential is, but if we get a stout NE wind per usual, we usually get down to 31/32 around here.  If by some chance the CAD encroaches earlier for the bulk of the precipitation, then NE Georgia up through GSP is going to be in for one serious ice storm.

  4. 4 minutes ago, kayman said:

    Yeah, I do understand that.  Now, my area is under a Tor Warning because of the ingredients I was referencing earlier.

    Ok, ok, I’m not trying to argue, of course there can be warnings issued, small hail, various severe reports.  Of course that happens all the time....I’m talking about moderate/high risk events, large hail, PDS Tornado watches etc.  the real events.  The further south the Douglasville storm gets, the better the environment so it’s not all that surprising.  That being said, the couplet on that storm while strong is very broad.

  5. 1 minute ago, kayman said:

    The west side of the Metro air mass is not the same as the airmass over NE Metro like Gwinnett right now.  The LLJ has forced the warm air even where I am right now in SW Atlanta.  It's 66 degrees when it was 57-59 degrees all day until about 5PM when the warm front move into the area hours ago.

    I hear ya, that would be important if it was 10 AM and the system was still to our west over in do realize that once this squall line moves through that's it, right?

  6. 1 minute ago, kayman said:

    Well, I say the same thing about the wedge when it as far west as Anniston/Oxford and Gadsden in East Alabama.  However, Douglas, Carroll, Coweta, and Fulton counties are in the warm sector.  We did see some sunshine here in SW Atlanta prior to sunset.  That's why I'm saying this storm system and its warm air advection is strong, CAPE values around 900 in West Georgia right now.  This is ingredients to allow a redevelopment.

    I'm not sure what redevelopment you're talking about unless you're talking about central/south Georgia, once this dying line moves through it's over for us here in Atlanta.  Warm air advection is strong, but not strong enough to move the warm front north of the metro.  

  7. Just to illustrate the's the current CAPE values for the SE per the SPC.  The warm front had all DAY to make it's way north but couldn't budge the wedge.  CAPE is pretty much confined to the western edge counties and points south.  Even some of the models had the warm front eventually lifting north of Atlanta by now.  Not a chance.