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  1. MaryB

    Hurricane Florence

    A friend in Myrtle Beach posted on Facebook that the Walmarts there are closing at 11:30 tonight and not reopening for an unspecified time.
  2. MaryB

    Hurricane Florence

    They are closing many of the schools in counties in the central part of the state to use the facilities for evacuation centers. They also need the school buses to help move people on the coast with no access to transportation. They are doing this because Governor McMaster issued mandatory evacuations for the entire coast of SC. They have approximately 1 million people in the low country to evacuate. He is being proactive like Nikki Haley was. I hope that clears up the reason.
  3. MaryB

    Valentine's Day Storm Obs

    I understand, our daughter just turned 20. I'm sure they will be fine!!
  4. MaryB

    Valentine's Day Storm Obs

    I know there is a little to nothing chance for the CSRA, (North Augusta/Augusta/Aiken area), but it has been a few degrees colder than predicted all day. Went to our farm today in the central midlands and the waterers in the chicken house and turkey coop were frozen. Okay, they ARE in the shade. The animals were all sticking close to their barns and shelters though, like they were waiting to hunker down....I can hope!
  5. MaryB

    Valentine's Day Storm Obs

    Wasn't it supposed to start around 3:00am for the upstate?
  6. MaryB

    Feb 15-16 Possible Mixed Event.

    The animals always know.
  7. MaryB

    Feb 7 Winter Storm

    I just hope you're further along than me. Still trying to figure out the models, but same area as you.
  8. MaryB

    3-24 to 3-26 possible winter storm?

    Hi, what is D to the T? I would like to read the Facebook write up. Thanks!