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  1. 58 minutes ago, DCTeacherman said:

    Neighbor measured 4.2 inches here, seems about right given how much water was in my basement. Might have to bite the bullet and actually get it waterproofed.  Anyone have a good waterproofing company that does Montgomery county?

    J E S. Very good . Neighbor had work done. Excellent job.


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  2. That would be a devastating track for the local area.  No many tracks west and close to  the river. Most either too far west or usually the old too Far East recurve.  THAT TRACK puts a good majority of us in the N.E. Circulation. Don’t think too many of us have experienced any similar. Isabel ?   Hazel would be the closest. I’m 57. Before my time.   But most likely wont happen  anyway. We can dream though.

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