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  1. 7 hours ago, Cobalt said:

    What are you trying to prove exactly?

    He’s trying to minimize the whole thing.     Comparing to the flu.   He is either really ignorant, or just doesn’t understand exponential growth.   Unfortunately its people with his views that r making this worse than it should be.   But that is America.  He has right to feel the way he does.  Even if science and fact say otherwise.    


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  2. It’s times like this that this country needs come together and act act as one to flatten the curve of this thing. But I have no expectations of that happening.  We need to shut down everything as soon as possible. Like yesterday really.   And we need to listen  to the scientists and not the politicians .     Time will tell whether we’re Italy or South Korea .     And everyone of you is going to have a hand in that outcome . .think about that.     do what you can do now to flatten the curve.   Besides,  anything worth really having in life is worth sacrificing for. And if we just think about ourselves and not the  overall country, i fear we will be Italy.    We can overcome this. With common sense measures. But we need to do it unified acting as one.

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