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  1. CSheridan12

    March 13 - 15 Major Winter Storm Potential

    Missed the negativity, but i'm on 43rd & 10th, where are you?! Wanna drink some beers and watch the snow fall at landsdown tomorrow?
  2. I just hate the HRRR. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. NAM, deliver and give me Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday off from work. Up to 2.5" here in Hell's Kitchen.
  3. CSheridan12

    Historical Blizzard Obs Thread

    Cleared the 1" line in my backyard here in Hell's Kitchen, Midtown.
  4. This is going to be a weenie question, but only because I don't think we ever learned this in school, and I've never investigated because I've only ever professionally been a met in Texas where snowpack is a non-issue, but how exactly do we measure snowpack for official record keeping? I look at my street today and the south-facing side of the street is pretty much fully melted where as my house faces north and we still have a good 4-8" in places. How do you incorporate shady sections and sunny sections of a field/yard when it comes to measuring the snowpack? When uncleW posted that chart at the top of the thread, i guess I'm curious where those numbers come from? I'm guessing central park, but where? in the sun? shade? next to the thermometer? do different people who do the measurements use different places? This just seems like a very difficult thing to objectively measure.
  5. CSheridan12

    March 12 -14 Potential Storm

    1956, what a sweet st pattys day weekend. Also, 1982...wtf april, go home, you're drunk.
  6. CSheridan12

    March 2- 4 Snowstorm Potential

    All applaud the GFS!
  7. CSheridan12

    March 2- 4 Snowstorm Potential

    And now we sit and wait for the EURO to hopefully trend more towards the GFS so we can all applaud the GFS today!
  8. CSheridan12

    March 2- 4 Snowstorm Potential

    Wow. Let me just say as a former Los Angeles resident, it almost only ever rains in january, nonetheless march. And it looks more like a tropical system.
  9. CSheridan12

    18z Models 2.12.14 Discussion

    Every time you've posted this map after a run I've said to myself "that can't be true" and then the next one you post is more unbelievable.
  10. CSheridan12

    18z Models 2.12.14 Discussion

    This may belong in the observation threads, but I'm looking at the current radar and comparing it to what was forecasted with the 12Z models and it appears that there is more cold air than most had predicted. I only know because I was looking closely at Norfolk because my company had some guests visiting from Norfolk and it looked like it was supposed to change over to rain within 30 minutes down there, but it has been snowing now for just over an hour and there is plenty of room before the changeover occurs. This may be good news for the snow lovers in us all near NYC
  11. How are they tucking a 1.57" bullseye over Virginia in the 1.25-1.50" contour...and closer to the 1-1.25" contour than the 1.5-1.75"?
  12. Here comes the NAM. 12 Hours out and I can not wait. The first thing that i've noticed, just eyeballing it, is that there seems to be less precipitation and moisture feeding in from the GOM
  13. As soon as we get to 66-72 hours out, can someone post the total QPF for this run of the NAM? I'm intrigued as to what the totals would be.