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  1. Nice shooting cracks. This "avy" at MRG was all of maybe 12' wide and "ran" not much more than half that, but gotta love the 2' crown This was on the uphill side of a traverse on Sunnyside. There were no tracks into the slide so I figure it was triggered either by a passing groomer or a skier whose tracks through the woods came out maybe 20' to the left. One more photo, 4 p.m. yesterday in bright sunshine - this has a LOT of snow in it. From the summit of Gen. Stark Mountain; 'dacks in the distance.
  2. Been snowing lightly all day at MRG, occasionally toward the moderate end of light. Sun has been visible through the clouds all day and occasionally is bright enough to cast a decent shadow - gotta love low-level upslope. When I last checked the Froude number was only 0.25 so the west side of the Greens may be benefiting from it more than we are here, but ya know, I'm not complaining. Wind hold lifted quickly on the Single this a.m. and both chairs have been running without a problem. Some substantial winds but mostly at lower elevations, fanning out from the App Gap I presume. Little wind coming directly over the spine, presumably an indication of blocked flow.
  3. MRG just updated home page to say 22" as far as they can tell. I just talked to their snow reporter and he said whether there will be wind holds is the question of the day ... windiest at mid-mountain right now.
  4. Yeah, there are definitely some robust gusts out there this mornin', not sure if gap winds or what. . ... MRG homepage not saying anything about that yet aside from that they "plan to" spin the usual weekday 3 of 5 lifts and reporting wind out of the W at 11 at the base. I've got skins though and will earn my turns if necessary. MRG says 20" so far. I can't find a yardstick in this house so am not going to try to measure myself ... I can say it's 0F on the window thermometer (0.9F at the base) and show the difference here in 24 hours: Yesterday, 8:40 a.m. Today, 7:30 a.m. (yes there is drifting involved)
  5. I set this video with near-whiteouts to public from my FB so it should be visible, sorry if not
  6. Right, within walking distance of App Gap, about 600' vert up from the MRG base. Snowfall was light in the morning, moderate or on the moderate end of light all afternoon, probably totaling 6" or a little more by dark. Much of the day at MRG I could hear the fine-grained snow bouncing off my helmet, but I'm not sure I'd call it sleet, and it certainly did not harm the skiing surface - creamy, not manky at all. Now it's just blower, and it's really stacking up. I'd post photos but I have to get to bed as I have a big day of skiing ahead ...
  7. Update from just east of the Greens spine at 2200': 11F and easily north of a foot. Plow guy just did the driveway
  8. Not getting any warmer here just east of the Greens spine - still 28F on the window thermometer at ~2200', now 28.7F at MRG base (down 0.4 in past hour+). Still light snow, probably not even a new inch yet.
  9. 28F with light snow/coating at approx 2200' elev within walking distance of Appalachian Gap, Fayston VT. Started out as a very fine snow but within last 15 minutes (after I took the photo below) the dendrites have gotten a bit larger and intensity has ticked up a notch. No wind. Down the road at the base of Mad River Glen elev 1600' it's 29.1F. Baseline photo, including an inch or two from earlier in the week:
  10. What are the chances of a positive surprise in the greater MRG metropolitan area from these shortwaves tonight into Tuesday? I'm a noob but as I reread about Froude numbers in the Greens my impression is we don't have the synoptic setup for classic "upslope" (not following on heels of departing low), But the BTV AFD mentions favored spots in the first event will be higher terrain of western slopes and in the second, higher terrain NW facing, which sounds like what can happen in upslope, and I know from happy experience that upslope sometimes can produce real nice sleeper snowfall at the ski areas. Whatever it's called ... I don't need to be greedy but as the base is on the firm side at this point, I think even an extra couple/few inches could make a difference, especially if the ratio isn't real high (yesterday BTV AFD yesterday mentioned 25:1 from the first sw and 15:1 from the second).
  11. For the first time in my life I booked a ski vaca week four months in advance - normally I do shorter trips on very short notice, chasing powder - and that week will be at MRG starting Monday. Between what I'm reading here and the NWS forecasts, I am not displeased with my timing. Seems there's a chance of at least a little snow pretty much every day including now the talk of a potential follow-up system at the end of next weekend. Put me down as having zero interest in spring getting here anytime soon.
  12. ^^^ is rather elevation-dependent
  13. Eyeballing the "stake" IMFY, close to 2" new since mid-morning on top of glacial 13" pack here in north-central Essex County MA. SN- continues and I'm heading out to earn some local ski turns.
  14. Snow shut down about as quickly as it started, drizzle here now (though what drops there are are fairly good-sized). Eyeball estimate 2" new; apparent peak snowpack 25". This was when it was not raining a little while ago
  15. Radar indicates I'm well east of the rain-snow line but it's near nuking here in W Newbury, Essex County. At least an inch in the past 30 min. (snowpack now >24")