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  1. that's a concern i have. I'm supposed to travel back from eastern long island to chester county on Sunday afternoon. no way to know for sure but wondering about the potential for a significant flash freeze between before 6pm? i'm hoping to cold stays off long enough to get back home safe
  2. was at roughly 6" about an hour ago ("officially" measured by my 7 year old) here in Chester county but have been on some calls for work an unable to get back out. it has slowed and flakes are noticeably smaller but still coming down at a decent clip
  3. second everything physicsteve said about the contributors on this thread. and this board has been great for helping me learn... THANKS! observations, currently giant flakes at a solid rate here on the thorndale/west bradford border. had about 4" at 7am and cleared a heavy slushy mess off the driveway. started piling on much quicker in the past 20-30 minutes... and just now the rates seem to have increased significantly... rates are probably double whats shown in the pic.
  4. less than 10 miles south of you on the West Bradford/Thorndale border and still all sleet