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  1. I take a half day schedule because I am a senior in high school so I wanted to know. Is that a problem?
  2. What time is the rain starting in the Philadelphia area? I have work outside tomorrow at 11:00 AM and wanted to know if it will be raining before then?
  3. Please like my facebook page Weather Non-STOP and get non-stop weather information! Also if you want to become my friend on facebook to join my closed group page on facebook, comment your name and I will add you!
  4. Does having coastal storms this early in the end of September correlate to a good or bad winter? Or does it have nothing to do with it? When was the last year we had coastal storms this early and how did it correlate to winter?
  5. So how does next winter look? Cold and Snowy or Dry and Warm? How strong will El Nino get?