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  1. Measured in a couple spots. Looks like I got between 3.5 and 4 inches.
  2. Still only sleet here from the look of it
  3. Went out to shovel about 45 minutes ago. In the couple spots I measured I had right around 3 inches.
  4. Yeah I see that. I just wasn't expecting anything at all until later.
  5. Snowing in South Park. So much for that dry air that wtae was talking about this morning that was going to keep the precipitation from starting until later this evening south of pittsburgh
  6. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    Reason for the dryslot?
  7. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    Isn't the SREFs the ensembles essentially that the NAM uses? If so hoping the NAM run will be good
  8. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    I don't know If they have one for kagc
  9. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    Definitely going up each run
  10. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    Not a huge disparity AT ALL. Lol
  11. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    I just saw their twitter feed where they said advisories will probably be added (didn't say where) but that they don't do it as early as watches
  12. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    Advisories to our left and watches to our right. I wonder when something is going to be issued for us