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  1. cng885

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    Snapped a picture from my roof and my walk. Which was well timed as it started snowing very heavily on my way back.
  2. cng885

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    Long time lurker here.. Steady snow for the last hour in Rosslyn.
  3. cng885

    NOT DC/NOVA discussion

    Snow just about stopped here in Blacksburg. 6.5 inches so far. Dry slot really taking a toll.
  4. cng885

    Blizzard of 2016 - Official Obs Thread

    23 and very light snow here in Blacksburg at Virginia Tech campus. 6.5 inches so far. Dry slot is killing us.
  5. cng885

    January Obs Thread

    Light sleet here in Blacksburg, VA at VT's campus. Started out with some light snow around 11:30 then after about a half hour turned to mainly sleet. Temps right at freezing.
  6. 3.5 in here Midlothian VA-just west of Richmond. Snow seems to be tapering off and relatively light at the moment. Are we going to get that precip thats lagging in WV?
  7. cng885

    February 14-15 Event Obs

    2 m temps still warm at 42 on the GFS. I've had enough of this mixing crap.
  8. cng885

    February 14-15 Event Obs

    850 temps look good at 30..2m temps are on the line.
  9. cng885

    Feb 12-13 Finale Observations Part 3

    Light snow beginning in western chesterfield county(20 miles sw of Richmond) and 35.
  10. cng885

    Feb 12-13 Finale Observations Part 3

    Sleet here in west chesterfield. No thunder. Wind seems to be picking up.
  11. Sleeting in western chesterfield which is well west of ric
  12. Almost 5 inches in midlothian(west chesterfield) now mixing.
  13. Has anyone read the argument by wxsynopsis? Basically he is arguing the low is developing further south according to water vapor with stronger back flow. https://www.facebook.com/WxSynopsis Thoughts anyone?
  14. cng885

    The New February Banter Thread

    Dt posted his last call without an accumulation map. I don't blame him.
  15. 2m temps on 18z rgem approaching 40 at 48 hours Edit: In central va that is