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  1. I have a Vantage Vue. It says the max rain rate this month was 9.93 in/hr at 8:33PM tonight. It also says that we received 8.07" this month, 4.51" today. It was raining so hard in Great Falls tonight that looking out the window, I couldn't even see the trees. Just a wall of water. Our driveway is probably finally totally gone.
  2. This tweet shows a gif of all the NHC forecast tracks.
  3. I know y'all love snow, but I will be hapiesty if I don't have to fire up the generator.
  4. OBS: 28'[email protected], 26'F dew, 1008.5, 3MPH fN, Med 1mm FZRN 1/4mi S Trump Nat Golf Course, Seneca Rd 22066
  5. Furthest NW corner of Ffx Co: Measured 8-3/4" on top of both SUVs. Wasn't enough IP/Sleet at 6:00pm to measure or even tell that it ever happened. Light snow 25'F/23'F. EDIT: No stickage or ice coating on tree branches at all.
  6. Jinxed myself. Switched to only sleet within one minute of that post! Still 24'F/22'F
  7. No sleet here yet, in furthest NW corner of Great Falls...
  8. Confirm: Golf ball size snow flakes in Great Falls now, crashing down onto surface snow. 19'F/17'F
  9. I just want to give a shout to all of you and say "Thank You All So Much!." I have learned so much lurking and following your posts over the last few years. You are an amazing group.