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Lack of snow is getting to the snow lovers mind!




Subtle Adjustments can bring us from the dog pound to the Great White Hurricane!

**2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Southern New England Weather Update**

Simply put, the snow lovers across the region are at the mercy of the giant ridge over the Davis Straits and northern Canada territories.  The -NAO regime with a large 50/50 eastern Labrador vortex is currently running the weather pattern across the Eastern US.  It is dominating the weather scene.  Dry and cold arctic conditions we feel today are from a dominant northern stream where north westerlies at H5 are driving our weather.  The next few days will keep a cold and dry perhaps sunny regime over the region as clouds begin to infiltrate the South Coast of RI, CT and SE MA on Tuesday.  Light snows should begin to break out across western CT and should be shunted to the south thereafter with little if any impacts to the rest of the region.  This I can say with 60 percent confidence.

            The next stop is the 28/29th window in which a monster surface center will develop either off the Outer Banks of North Carolina, or the Delmarva peninsula.  We lack any confidence at this time to make a definitive forecast of any kind, whether it would be snow, rain, sunny skies or cold cloudy days.  We just have no confidence.  Seven-to-ten-day forecast is simple at this moment, highs in the mid 30-s along the Cape and Islands, and everywhere else below freezing for the next week until next weekend when a cutter could present itself if the block breaks down.  Again a lot of ifs and what’s until we get a better model consensus later down the road!



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