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A Pattern We have seen before - SNE Weather Pattern Update!

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The next seven to nine days the pattern supports a rathe benign and quiet week, especially from this weekend through next Friday, with temps moderating through the lower 40s for highs support a rather just below average temperatures for early winter and late December period.  Averages are rather low this time of the year and into the January into March period for the next year.  The 2020 New Year are supportive of a rather snowy period.  Latest models in the medium to long range support a reload of cold air into the Arctic and then unleashed into Canada and then the US.  End of the month models are showing several coastal storm threats.  Time will tell, the NAO goes negative, the PNA goes positive and the AO goes negative.  That supports highly anomalous cold in the eastern CONUS and a high likelihood of snow.  Time will tell!

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