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Upcoming weather for New England!




Latest guidance and weather data suggests the rain that was impacting the region this morning is out of the way now, but cloud cover should stay in control for most of the morning into the early afternoon, before some clearing occurs as a strong Canadian High builds in from the northwest.  Tomorrow looks dry and cool, with highs in the lower to middle 50s and lows near 45F.  Sunday looks similar with perhaps a stronger and warmer return flow as the high shifts to the east with a rather nice rebound temp wise into the upper 50s and lower 60s and lows again in the mid to upper 40s.  Frost is possible the next few days across the interior of New England and the mountains of the area.  Monday will feature a warmer day than the weekend as a front approaches from western NY.  Temperatures will return into the mid to upper 60s maybe some locations nearing the lower to mid 70s perhaps for the last time until March, unless a period of Indian Summer reaches that mark again this winter season.  Perhaps the next time we see temperatures in the mid 70s will be late April early May 2020.  Monday will feature warm temps, but the return of high altitude cirrus clouds and then thickening clouds towards sunset and temps lowering no more than 60F in the overnight hours before the cold front passes through late Tuesday morning.  Temperatures will peak in the morning and then fall dramatically throughout the day into the lower 40s into Wednesday morning.  Wednesday through Friday appear to be the middle 50s for highs and lower to middle 40s for lows until the weekend features potential for another cold front that will bring rain showers and colder air for the weekend into the early week.  Stay Tuned!  We will likely see subtle changes in the coming days to the ten day forecast.

 - JWN Productions!



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