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Update! August 20th, 2019




My novel is progressing, we hope it will be finished before November 1st, 2019.  We could get it published as soon as Spring 2020.  Fingers crossed!

As for my NFL predictions release, that won't come until the first day of NFL games, which is two weeks from Thursday, September 5th.  I will release my thoughts than, stay tuned!

Another thing, Josh Gordon is dealing with something far greater than substance abuse issues.  Most people who suffer drug or alcohol addiction are trying to mask the inner pain of an emotional loss.  Something either traumatic happened to them in the maturation process growing up, before the age of 30, or the loss of a personal friend or family member in which anger was pushed to the side and not dealt with head-on can cause significant mental health risks, such as depression and illness.  Our minds are so fragile, while also so strong, we still have no idea what over 80 % of the mind does for the human body.  That is amazing.  Josh Gordon I hope pulls through, not because of his tremendous talent that will help the Patriots, but because as a human being, we love success stories, underdogs, people who beat the odds of life and their circumstances to overcome the tragedy they face in life.  I want him to have that story.  A lot of people pull for someone trying to relinquish the demons he is fighting.



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