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First SNE snowfall, in 10-11 days? - November 12th?

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While it seems impossible to ignore, the models are clearing showing signs of winter arriving earlier than the past several winters of New England.  Snow could fall as early as next week across the lower Southern Plains of OK, KS, and TX and then move into New England as the southern stream becomes active and perhaps develop with the arctic stream to phase and develop a significant nor'easter with cold temperatures over the region.  Would like to see more and better model support over the next two weeks to get better confidence with this idea.  For now, we will have a succession of rainstorms impacting the Northeastern US with flooding rains and severe weather this weekend as an upper-level trough tilts to the negative position as it moves through New England.  This will determine the potential for a lot of wind on the coastline as the high-resolution models point to a significant wind event.  Stay tuned!  This winter will get exciting.

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