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2 or 3 Storms possible next week 25th through 31st

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As of the 12z and 18z runs this morning and this afternoon suggest that we have three storm potentials this holiday week coming up.  With the NAO in flux, the PNA positive and the AO in flux, this is the best time to get snowstorms across the Northeastern US.  With the AO going negative long term and the PNA staying above neutral, we have a chance at transient ridges and shortwave amplification potential.  The first system is for Christmas Day, where an inverted trough/norlun trough bring accumulating snows for interior SE MA and RI into NE MA and S NH Christmas morning into the afternoon.  The second storm is a weak coastal storm on the GFS and the EURO is out to sea with the low, but as long as the potential threat exists I will mention it, seems like this storm is for Wednesday the 27th.  The third and final storm is potentially a long duration miller B coastal storm, with such a large high in Ontario, and Quebec, Canada banana high as in its shape and orientation favors an East Coast snowstorm impacting all of the Northeastern US.  Stay tuned, this one could be our first 2' potential since the Blizzard of 2015.

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