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Ensemble Weather - Just Launched a New Weather App

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Link: http://getensemble.app

Over the years it's been disheartening to watch "big weather" gobble up apps that we all know and love and monetize them at the expense of user experience.  Ensemble Weather is our attempt to try to provide an elevated experience that doesn't bombard you with ads, sell your data to brokers, or charge outrageous subscription fees.

We source all of our data from the National Weather service - yes, we are knee deep in GRIB files and have our own server and database crunching the data to provide the forecast (Except the current temperature, we get that from OpenWeatherMap).

We also are trying to show different views that are helpful.  Instead of just taking the 30 Ensemble members of the GEFS and boiling it down to 1 Temperature # and some % chance of Precipitation, we'd like to show you the probabilities in a new way of how the Ensemble members are forecasting.

The project is still in a v1, but I hope that you join the community and give us feedback and help us grow to replace some of the great weather apps we've lost over the years.





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