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Why all the L's on SLA

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In looking at today's NOAA Surface Analysis issued 1645Z Sat Jan 11 2020, there are six Ls notated on the front stretching from above NY down to the Gulf.

I am trying to learn something here.  Is there a reason / criteria for all of them?  I would think from the Iso countour that yea, that is all low pressure.  And in general, often I see on SLA the pressure system notated multiple times close to one another.  Must be a reason.



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I often wonder the same thing - were you looking at the unified surface analysis?

I think that they put them any where that MSLP contours close - it may however be a contour level that's not plotted

besides front's, i also sometimes see many L's plotted in regions with very weak gradients - a relatively flat but undulating surface could have many places where contours close

it might also be be a because they see an area of convection on a satellite

i think it varies from forecaster to forecaster - some probably put more than others.., although i understand this is becoming automated, so it could be the computer that's doing it sometimes.

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