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Happen to have a loop and know what time of day it was? Most likely either a dying thunderstorm that went splat and created the outflow that stirred up bugs and other animals (birds, bats,etc) or it could have been the end of daytime scenario with similar animals and bugs that happened to get caught in concentration. 


Hard to tell though without a loop.

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This is a rendering problem with the radar dish itself. This is just a higher watt rating then it normally is. 

Image result for jackson mississippi radar dish

If there is a high dew point in the morning rush, the radar would show up like this:

.Image result for jackson mississippi weather radar

With nothing on the radar, It would show a few specs of visible moisture on outside the radar or directly on it. this is a sign that the station is working!



If there is more information needed, feel free to ask.


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