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  1. It should. The last one started exactly like that if I'm not mistaken.
  2. I'll take one of those please! I think that would be a storm everyone would be happy with. I guess the euro has a fantasy mode too. Haha.
  3. I think it was 11-12 you were referring to. I think the problem was that a lot of people missed the qbo state which, if I'm not mistaken, in negative phase allows the PV to split. It stayed positive the whole time. I could be wrong but I think that was the worst year along with 2012-13 in my recent memory.
  4. It looks to me just from the looks of stratospheric temps that we had better enjoy the last few weak warm ups that we are going to get. (That I was recently griping about, ha) December may bring historic weather to our region this year. Maybe some stuff that we only get to see once in our lives.
  5. Sweet. I won't have to worry much about my forecast busting then. :-) The east based cold look was almost 100 percent typhoon activity and even still the core of the cold started over west central Canada. It wasn't the 'real' pattern so to speak. I think the euro is finally starting to make sense. At least in my eyes anyway. I may be wrong.
  6. Sorry, I wasn't specific enough. I meant a wintry type low not a wash out. I saw the one you're talking about. Too warm.
  7. Anybody want to give any thoughts on when we might actually see a nicely developed low down here for the first time this winter?
  8. EURO seems to be wanting to give us something else to track for Thanksgiving week. That's a long way off but the signal has been there for a day or 2 I think.
  9. Last November snow of more than a trace for down here looks to be 1996. (Fayetteville totals) It was a 13 inch winter so not bad. They finally put 2009 back on there. It snowed 33 inches that year. Pretty amazing that I didn't remember it being that high. Edit/add: I think my snow today is a whopping .25 inches. For statistical significance, that's good enough. Should make 100 percent of climo this year.
  10. True. Good snow for mid-November! Record lows coming in the morning.
  11. Snow just ended. I don't even know if it will even officially make a measurement.
  12. I'm noticing on radar though that the storm may start drifting back to the north over time. It's really hard to tell but that's the way it appears to me. It may not be completely over for some of us who have been left out.
  13. Nope, sure wasnt. Would have been a good day to live anywhere on Texas or Oklahoma I-40 though. I bet that's a fun drive today.
  14. It's going to have to pick up here really soon or this storm will be a complete bust for me.