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  1. Zero lightning. Kind of disappointing to be quite honest.
  2. This is only one line right. There's supposed to be another one later?
  3. Yeah but if there's wind it may knock the power lines down.
  4. Sun's out here too. Gonna be interesting evening especially with the Pens game. Hopefully my power stays on.
  5. So it sounds like my area is gonna see some potentionally nasty weather later today. Gonna have to keep an eye on the sky and hopefully power isn't knocked out.
  6. You cant write these things. I think everyone in this thread would delete their accounts if this verified verbatim
  7. Yeah its tough to get a storm here for some reason but this is a different set up. The GFS has a 1042 HP which will only allow this to come so far north. Also this is a northern stream system that is diving down SE, I like that better than a storm phasing and coming NW. As always its 5/6 days away and this will change. Keep watch but don't fall for the model trap.
  8. I know we get screwed regardless but I think that Arctic high is too damn strong for this to track further north.
  9. I lied it looks south but it looks strange and not good. Anyone want to comment.
  10. Euro ensemble mean is way north now. Stick a fork in it this thing is cooked. Again can't get exicted until atleast saturday.
  11. Thats exactly where I want it. Being in the bullseye is not a good thing.
  12. I know we have been screwed but theres is only so far north this thing can come. There is a 1040 high in SE east Canada.
  13. We shall see, set up looks a little different. The Euro does have ensemble support.
  14. I know this trap all too much at this point. Move that snow area 100 miles north or south and you will have your outcome. It's a trap
  15. I am confused as to where this supposed snow is. The NWS was bullish on snow and I don't see anything. They called for 1-2 and all I see outside is ice.